Waki-a-Kundas "In The News"

Official--35 year reunion for classes '73, '74, & '75. 10 May 2010 at the Manhattan Beach Marriott.

SPECIAL TRIBUTE to football head coach Ralph Vidal.

Come by and say "hi" to him & join us for very special evening.

Go to www.reunioncommittee.com to register and for all info!

SPECIAL INVITATION: To the classes 70, 71, and 72, come join us.

Steve McBrayer

Do you remember 1972? Well if you mind is a little foggy like mine or if you are too young to know. Click here for a trip back down memory lane or a great history lesson. (which ever applies)    :)


I created a Facebook page announcing the countdown for our 40th reunion coming up in two years.

For those of you who have a FB page, be sure to stop by and add yourself as a friend.

Please note that we wanted to get an early start utilizing 2010 for "gathering/locating" missing classmates and determining the level of interest. I will be working closely with Skip Bennett who will be responsible for keeping updates and announcements on our class website: www.72ghs.com.

The date was selected to coincide with the GHS annual picnic in Huntington Beach which will be held on Saturday, September 15th 2012. It is our hope that Waki-A-Kundas will show up in great numbers for the reunion party on the 14th and the picnic on the 15th!

We will be looking for all classmates who are interested in serving on the steering committee which will meet sometime this summer to plan the program for the 14th. You are encouraged to join in the fun!

Also, please be sure to visit www.reunioncommittee.com to register your name on the site whether you plan to attend or not. We will use this as the primary source for identifying the hotel, costs, souvenirs, etc.!

Please spread the word....we've always been a great class...let's make this one even better!!!

See you all soon!

Click a link below for PHOTOS, PHOTOS, and more PHOTOS!!!

At the Park

Pep Rally



10 Year Reunion

20 Year Reunion

100th Birthday

More to come soon!!!


WOW! it has been over 37 years since we walked the halls and campus of Gardena High.

We have all gone in many different directions.

With the advancement of todays technology we can all end up together again here at our website.

Many classmates have lost touch or would like to know what you are doing now.

We can now use our website to present a BIO of "Where we are now".

All 72 classmates are welcome to write up their own bio or if you wish you can submit a link to your website.

E-mail to me Skip and I will upload a link from your Senior Picture and list a link below. If you want each link to go to different locations that's ok too, just let me know.

Ron Inatomi Norman Jacobson Charles Bennett Gentry Akins